What I learned on my August Break

I learned….
that I like writing more than I thought I did, and I missed it…
 that it was good to step back and reevaluate why I blog…
 that being in huge crowds is not something I enjoy…
 but at the same time I like meeting friends and spending time together…
 and I value my quiet time.
And I learned…
that life is way to short to let stuff get you down…
 that we need each other, face to face, to help us on the way…
 yet connecting to others online is also important…
 and a kind word goes a long way.
I also learned…
 a new word: zoominess
 which describes the blurred look in this image…
which I added for emphasis
because I think we have all felt like that one person in the middle of the crowd
where to go, what to do, how to be.
And from all this….
I understand that the best place to be
is here and now, 
that the best way to be 
is to be no one other that You,
that from that place
you know what to do.
Thank you for all your kind comments during my August Break! 


10 Replies to “What I learned on my August Break”

  1. It's good to reflect on what we learn. I also missed the words and the narratives during August. I certainly don't enjoy crowds and too much "zoominess". I think that makes us introverts, which is fine!

  2. I learned that I didn't miss the writing at all – that for me the writing is the hard part. But that is why I will continue to push myself to do it. I love the "zoominess" effect of this image – the way you have captured so well that feeling of aloneness in the middle of a crowd.

  3. Oh, Deborah. What a rich experience it was. Your words and image say so much..so eloquently. Thank you for sharing your experience here…what a gift to receive the wisdom of it. Thank you!

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