Tree roots

This tree at Lookout Point in Southern Illinois just speaks to me,
her twisted, hardened roots clinging to the side of a steep rocky wall.
I met my fear of heights there.  And I hung on, too.
The cool thing?  My son gave me his hand and we walked together.

Next week I will be back with more of my usual blog posts,
as I capture beauty and find meaning.  
Thank you for joining me during the August Break!

The August Break 2013

7 Replies to “Tree roots”

  1. I am always amazed at trees growing out or in-between rocks and most of their root system on top of the ground. This is an amazing shot….

  2. I adore tree roots too! I have about 500 pictures of the olive trees of somewhere in Greece because they grow all twisty like this in their trunks too. Gorgeous!

  3. That is one brave tree, clinging to the rock,
    strong against the wind.
    It's gorgeous, that kind of relationship.
    I love "I met my fear of heights there"
    Glad you climbed anyway:)

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