9 Replies to “Playing with toys and a 50mm lens”

  1. I learned to drive a stick in the family Volkswagen Beetle – although it wasn't a convertible 🙂 Love the effect of this shot – great experimentation!

    1. Thanks, b!
      My first VW Beetle was from 1969; no defrost, poor heat, and no cover on the steering wheel – it was just bare metal. Very cold. But what a fun car! I can still hear the engine and smell the interior. My kids gave me this toy a few years back and it became the perfect prop for experimenting with focus.

  2. Yah baby. Great subject and I can't get enough of low POV. I'm really enjoying my 50mm too. I was able to make it work on some real low light stuff a couple nights back. Play on my friend.

  3. Now, this is really funny! While we were in BC my daughter brought her toy mini cooper (she's a teenager!!) and took pictures of it in different locations – they turned out really neat. Perhaps I should write a blogpost about that.
    Love the wonderful red "slugbug"!

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