My monochrome world

Not only am I enjoying my August Break, I am also really having a fabulous time taking my images just in black and white.  Suddenly I’m paying more attention to contrasts, to light and shadow, to the textures that appear when color is not utilized.  My collection of monochrome images is growing.

Today I am sharing a photo and poem with my friends at Vision and Verb.
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Vision and Verb

7 Replies to “My monochrome world”

  1. I love this image…the grace, the silence and gentleness of a cat.
    As for the BW. I have decided when I finish my 365 at the end of August, I'm going to start another and call in Mainly Black and White to try to increase my skills. I hope to be able to think and compose while I shoot with BW in mind.
    If you feel like joining me, whether as a 365 project or just periodically, that would be wonderful.
    Looks like you've got a great head start on me already.

  2. Your shot of the sleeping kitty is beautiful….I love color so much I don't often shoot in black and white but I really need to because I know I would learn so much.

  3. There is something comforting about black and white photos
    …they remind me of a safer feeling era, the I Love Lucy show,
    sweet smelling newspapers, old family photos.
    I like them a lot:)
    beautiful kitty….thank you.

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