August Break – Day One

Starting today, for the month of August I am taking a break from my usual blogging habits, sharing images from my archives about three times a week.   I like this idea of a cyber vacation!  And even more, I like that I can set up these posts in advance and just enjoy a little less time in front of a computer screen.
This gives me an opportunity to step back, do a bit of writing, and develop some other good habits. If you also have a blog and like this idea, click on the link below to learn more.  

The August Break 2013

6 Replies to “August Break – Day One”

  1. Enjoy your break this month. Thanks for still sharing with us thru some of your older posts. I am looking forward to seeing them again.

    I had actually thought of taking a break this month but stumbled upon two new blogs that have me inspired to give their prompts a try. I am also in two classes right now and am enjoying them. Now my August seems busy already just writing this. Sigh.

    Enjoy the last of the summer month and keep taking pictures and writing your beautiful thoughts.

  2. I LOVE this photo. Glad you are taking some time for yourself. That's super important. I'm looking at this August Break as a time to kind of catch up and be more regular about posting, by doing it in small bites. Wish us both luck.

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