Pretend to be a dinosaur

Our weekend was wonderful.
We spent time in Indianapolis so we could see The Grandson, a.k.a. Garrett,
and go to the Children’s Museum.
I made the choice to not take along my DSLR and just use my Samsung phone to take snapshots.  The extra weight of the big camera just did not appeal to me, and so I chose to leave it behind.
Believe me, it was tough.
And I probably won’t do that again.  I did get some nice shots that I will treasure, but they just aren’t the quality I like.  
That being said, I do adore this one of our little guy dressing up as a dinosaur!  (This museum had dress up clothes in so many places for kids to wear and play in.) Once he had the ‘claws’ on his hands he decided to attack his Grandpa, which Grandpa enjoyed.
We were at the museum for about five hours.  Five minutes after we all left, my daughter sent a text to say that Garrett was out, sound asleep.
What a joy to see my daughter, her husband, and our grandson together.  Happy, laughing, sharing the responsibility of raising this little man, and so in love.  
It just makes my heart sing.
Coming up soon… In August I will be participating in The August Break, sharing images from my archives about three times a week.  Click here to learn more! 

6 Replies to “Pretend to be a dinosaur”

  1. I love that the museum offers dress-up for the kids. What a wonderful idea. He'll not forget that visit! I'm just wondering, after 5-hours at the museum, whether there was a nap needed for the grandparents, too! 🙂

  2. We got to spend the weekend with our grandson as well – what a blessing! I can completely understand the need for naps afterward 🙂

    Precious photo of your little dinosaur.

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