Repeat as needed

Have you ever been to an event that left you feeling so good about life that you just walked on a cloud for a few days?  That would be me this week.  

There was so much good in our time together at the retreat. We ate, we talked, we slept, then repeated that as needed. There were common threads that brought us together for a few hours, and we hope to continue those friendships throughout the year.

When I looked at my photos I kept coming back to this spider web, made visible by the fog that morning. Seen in the right light, all it’s intricate details and masterful weaving come to focus.  

I’m glad that this web is not perfect, that it shows a bit of stress here and there.  It still holds together and serves its purpose. Put in place to catch something.  The Owner ready to recreate it anytime… or repeat as needed.

In my own journey, learning as I go along, I know that I need to create a ritual that I can repeat regularly, one that feeds my soul.  Many of you may have that already, a routine that you observe that starts or ends your day and keeps you centered. 

Maybe my own ‘web’ was washed away by rain or doubt or laziness or whatever.  But slowly I’m spinning a new one, not to catch something, but more to help me tune in to truth and wisdom and love.  Developing the discipline to keep it going, and the willingness to rebuild (repeat as needed), seems a daunting task.   

Then I look at the beauty of this amazing web, and I wonder what can possible hold me back?

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  1. This is an incredible photo. And what you have written to accompany it resonates with me also. The same divine energy that enables the spider to spin its web, empowers you and me and every other created being.

  2. Wow, Deb…this image, these words, are so rich, so full of life & beauty.

    "But slowly I'm spinning a new one, not to catch something, but more to help me tune in to truth and wisdom and love." Such power in these words.

    I'm so very happy that you made this retreat happen…I can only imagine the beauty that unfolded in those sacred days together.

    Sending so much love your way.

  3. What an amazing photo! I too, have felt from our retreat what you've described! I've taken many trips over the last several years, but none that felt so much like coming home.

  4. This is a very beautiful photo, and I love your words that go with it. I wonder – don't we all re-build out webs from time to time? Change our routines that might offer safety, but also can "numb" us somehow, let us not look with full attention anymore. I know that I do – and partly to keep some "pepper" in my life, to have something new, to shake things up a little bit.

  5. I just got back from a mission trip and like you, keep thinking about it…then there are the memories caught in the photos. So much to be thankful for!

  6. Yes, I have been to retreats like that – where I walked away floating on clouds of inspiration. Precious, precious memories. I love this lesson you have drawn from your lovely image – I think that would be a wonderful life mantra "repeat as needed".

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