Renewed and refreshed


I can not put into words how lovely the weekend retreat truly was.

But I can show you this little rose, reaching toward the light, and touched by a spider’s web. She was there…

And maybe it is next to impossible for me to describe what it was like to share with kindred spirits, to laugh and to listen deeply, to hear the stories, to share delicious meals.  

But can you see that light on the edge of those petals? Can you see how she leans into it? Then maybe you’ll get a glimpse of how lovely the retreat was.  Maybe.

I’m still sorting out how this has changed me, how fully alive I felt while taking early morning walks, camera in hand, and looking closely at what was all around me.  

My perspective has changed.  

So now I see that connected to that same stem, attached to the very roots, are all these little buds in various stages of bloom.  

Just as we are. 


7 Replies to “Renewed and refreshed”

  1. Such a stunning composition. Well spotted and captured. Glad the retreat was fulfilling. I have no idea what/where you went, so I'll have to read back a few posts, but seeing the title of this one tells me all I need to know.

  2. Having participated in creative retreats in the past, I know that feeling of being filled up with excitement and joy at seeing the world in a new light. Your image perfectly captures that feeling – I love the way the fence and the web provide compositional support for this delicate flower, its soft pink shining in the light. Stunning!

  3. Hello. I'm Barbara from the "Practice" class. I'm so glad to be introduced to your work and am sending a link to a friend who is a photographer. I read through your July posts and came back to this one for all you found for yourself in this small scene. I love retreats and this sounds like a rich one that brought you to this reflection of your time there.

  4. Oh, this post brings tears to my eyes. I am so utterly touched…in my heart and down to my what you have shared here. Thank you, Deborah, my spirit as been touched…(And, I'm so glad it was such a beautiful experience for you…it has rippled all the way to me here, far away.)

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