Beautiful Packages

I simply love this seed pod. 

Just wanted to share it with you.

I hope your week is going well, that each day brings you
something new, 
something good and challenging,
to help you stretch and grow.

Things like 
plenty of sunshine,
good amounts of water,
healthy food,
and good friends.

All those things together
help germinate whatever is coming from you.  

I have no doubt that what
will bloom
will be amazing,
and perfect,
and beautiful.


14 Replies to “Beautiful Packages”

  1. What a soft & gorgeous photo, Deb – it makes me feel calm & grounded.

    I hope your weeks spills over with new & beautiful & growth, my friend. I love & appreciate you so much.

  2. There is something so tender about this image. Perhaps it's the promise – the promise of something new, of a new beginning, or a new creation. There is tenderness in a promise..with its hope and trust and desire all woven into one. Thank you for this beautiful image, and your loving words. Such a blessing, Deborah. Hugs from Canada!

  3. Pretty and subtle. Since the scale is a mystery (i love mystery in pics), it reminds me of the tiny green blueberries that ripen to blue-aout this time of year. I gotta keep my eyes open.

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