What is it about old buildings?

old barn and light

Mark and I went for a ride yesterday evening, first for a bit of ice cream from The Creamery, then just to meander through the country.  At one point I looked at him and said that we must be old now, doing this driving around just to see the country side.  

Thanks to all the recent rain, the corn and soy beans and wheat look fabulous.  We saw corn that is at least ten feet tall already, wheat that is being cut, and soy beans that are a good foot and a half tall.  I wish you could smell the fresh air here on a day like this.  It’s just heavenly. 

The evening sun made everything look golden, especially any old barns we drove by.  We came to one that was interesting and we were able to stop the truck for a bit so I could step out and get a few images. 

This is my favorite.  The old vent on the side of the barn, the paint that is almost gone, and those places where the evening sun is actually shining through.  It was that sunlight that really made it for me.

And what is it about these old barns, old buildings, structures that are grungy looking and falling down? Why are we drawn to them? 

For me there is the history, the structures like you just don’t see being built anymore, the way of life that demanded such huge barns.  And at this point in my own life, old stuff like this reminds me that the past is just that…past.  Who I was then is not who I am today because I change, too. As I struggle to live in the now, these places remind me how easy it is to get caught up in the past and let it drag me down.

Maybe that is why that light is shining through the gaps in this old wall.  Even a small place that opens can let that light in.




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  1. I think photography is a perfect way to document things that may not always be there–whether it's a snippet of graffiti, an animal in a quirky position, or an old building–we capture it in the here and now, before it's gone painted over, moved to a new position, or torn down). I love the layers of old buildings, the textures of the years built up, and the soul that accompanies it!

  2. Those glints of golden light are beautiful. Would they have been as lovely seen through something less weathered, I wonder? Probably not. The old building has a charm all of its own. I agree with you about the history. I think these buildings give us a connection to the past which helps us put our own lives into perspective.

  3. Gorgeous. I love that ease of golden light. I don't know what it is about the old things. Maybe they just look "different" from every day.
    Love this shot.

  4. Beautiful slivers of golden light, just barely there through the weathered silvery boards. A wonderful image but what makes it extra-special are your words, which ring with emotional resonance.

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