A bird and her song

Wren on fence post

Teach me,
dear strong, courageous little bird.
Help me to trust the wind
so that my wings will catch the breeze.
Tell me how to touch down gently 
 on branches large and small.
Show me how to sing
at the top of my voice, 
from the depths of my being,
the song 
that longs to be heard.
Deborah L. Tisch



10 Replies to “A bird and her song”

  1. Amazing focus – that creamy background serves to beautifully enhance your tiny bird, singing away. And such lovely heart-filled poetry.

    1. Thanks, Brenda!
      I used a 70-300 zoom lens, and actually did some post processing to enhance the colors.
      The words came as I was trying to write the post…sometimes I just have to put out there what comes to my heart.

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