My preferred kind of fireworks

full bloom

All around us we can hear fire works going off, in all directions, and for a change I’m glad I chose to stay in.  After a few downpours of rain today it just seemed the thing to do, keep dry and enjoy some quiet.

The burst of the yellow petals and the brown center of this adorable sun flower made me think that nature has the best ‘fireworks’ ever…simple, perfect in design, and quiet.   

Here are a few other images from the same morning when I found this sunflower…

snail on leaf This live snail fascinated me with the little white veins on it’s shell.

milkweed blossom

Milkweed blossoms, both open and ready to blossom.

ant on orange flower An ant, working away, among all this brilliant orange color.

indigo bunting

A male indigo bunting, singing his heart out.

There you have it. My view of the world…through my lens.


14 Replies to “My preferred kind of fireworks”

  1. I love your fireworks! Takes your breath-away to see all of this beauty – some of it beauty that I might have missed. Certainly, the feathery vein on the snail, I might never have seen that..and, oh, what tiny, amazing bit of beauty it is! Thank you for sharing this, Deborah. Ps. My favourite firework is the sunflower!! Beautiful!! 🙂
    Pps. I wanted to mention that I'm having difficulty with commenting on your blog from my iphone. The issue is all the iphone – and one that I can't seem to fix. I mention it only to say, I read every posting, (well, almost!) but I haven't been able to comment on them all, except when I'm at my laptop. All to say – I'm with you…just unseen!! Hugs from Toronto! 🙂

  2. Love seeing this through you eye, your lens. And I like your version of natural fireworks. (My attempts at capturing the manmade kind was a bust – perhaps I should switch to flowers instead 🙂 Thanks for the note of cheer and showing us how to notice.

    1. Brenda,
      I was asked the other day if I had ever tried to photograph fireworks, and I have to admit it does not even appeal to me. They are lovely to behold, but that is all I need to do with them at this point.

      And you know how much I enjoy seeing your architectural style images..through your lens! We learn a lot from each other. I like that.

  3. I love your "fireworks"! If I had to miss the 4th of July fireworks as a child (usually because of strep throat), or as a working college student, I was heartbroken. I think it was mostly because our whole family would gather on my uncle's sloping front lawn, and lay down on blankets to watch the very close-up display across the river. This year, I had no desire to go to any big fireworks celebration. Jay, Easter, Diana, and Cory spent the day with us, and I was filled with happiness at this "today" version of a family get-together! Your photos are breath-taking…and looking at the little snail with the white markings and PERFECT swirling formation, made me remember something I read about the mathematical perfection of so many things on this earth…from snails and butterflies, to the timing and rhythm of the ocean's tides. God is certainly in these magnificent details! Thanks again for reminding me.

    1. Gayle, I love those words you chose, "this 'today' version of a family get-together."

      That says so much about being open to change and accepting what is, rather than being stuck on what-it-used-to-be.

      I'm glad you enjoyed these images, my 'fireworks'!

  4. I agree, we don't need artificial noise and colour. The natural world has treasures enough to share with us. I always feel a sense of quiet wonder when I visit your blog.

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