Summer sights and sounds

nail polish

“And finally I surrender to the story that wants to be told, 
and in telling the story I listen for the song it sings, 
the dance it teaches me.”  

A few days ago we were able to attend a wonderful summer gathering, filled with friends, good food, good music, and the perfect summer evening kind of weather.  Clear skies, temperatures just cool enough and not too hot, and lightening bugs…or as one little girl called them – fire bumblebees.  

While several of the kids were waiting for a ride in the row boat on the pond. there was a lot of talk about who did their nails just for this gathering.  And you can see what happened. I had them gather around and show off their patriotic colors.  From little toddler toes and fingers, to those of preteens, all equally proud of their ‘paint jobs’.  

Once upon a time I was that little girl.  I could swear it was just yesterday.

I don’t think I did the nail polish thing very much then, and still don’t to this day…it is just not my thing.  But the giggling and playing and fun of a summer picnic, when you could chase those fire bumblebees and put them in jar and watch them glow, when maybe you got to see fire works or at least shine a sparkler for a few minutes, and then you stayed up late – much later than usual because there was no school the next day.  

And you were just too excited to even eat that hotdog or hamburger.  So much to see and do and games to play with all the other kids.

These little moments are part of our stories, each one unique and special and meant to be shared.  Often it is just the recalling of a little thing, a small occurrence, that can bring up a whole chapter of life.   Then if you share those memories with another friend you just may find that your life, your childhood, your experiences hold much in common. 

Sometimes in that sharing we also find that we are not alone. 

So tell me, dear friend, how would you begin your story?  Would you start with the picnic, or the nail polish?  With the fire bumblebees, or the ride in that boat?  Maybe the flavor of that toasted marshmallow or that burger fresh off the grill…  So many possibilities.

(Have a safe and happy 4th of July!)


12 Replies to “Summer sights and sounds”

  1. I just love this!! I – too – was never much of a nail-polish girl..but now I find myself wishing that I'd begun my story with fun-colored polished nails. Terrific post!

    1. Thanks, Marcie! And those nails have multiple colors on them, mostly the red, white, and blue. I was so impressed by the creativity, and even more so by the patience it must have taken! So fun…

  2. How sweet that the moment triggers nice memories. I know what you mean about seeming it was such recent past that things occured. I understand that.
    I enjoyed re-living thru children when I was teaching. Sometimes I could easily fall into the role of a 6 year old, all the while still being in teacher mode. It was a delightful contrast.
    No polished toes for me, but I remember those firebumblebees (that is super precious) and catching them with my father. To me when I see one, it makes summer official.
    Happy holiday my friend.

    1. Oh, yes, Susan, I agree that seeing those bugs does make summer 'official'. Later, as it gets warmer, the sound of cicadas in the evening makes it even more official for me.

  3. Love that image. And I really loved your words. They really took me back to childhood – and like you it feels like yesterday! I've never seen 'fire bumblebees' in real life so I'd definitely start there. 🙂

    1. Becs, I wish you could be here and see them now, because the lightening bugs are just everywhere in the evening. They look like magic to me and always have. Funny how I take these little things for granted, thinking that the same bugs would be where you live, too. Thanks for your kind comments!

  4. All those little toes and fingers – how precious! I think I would start with the campfire, chairs surrounding, making "fire pies" and toasting marshmallows, singing songs. Or eating a big piece of cold watermelon, spitting seeds into the grass. Ah, such memories.

    1. Brenda, we saw a family having a picnic today when we went for a walk at in the woods. A young girl had a big piece of watermelon and was enjoying it, spitting the seeds out onto the ground. Yes! Those memories are wonderful, and a great place to start.

    1. Yes, sparklers! The beautiful light from them and how hot they would get, and then how sad when they burned out…
      I recall that you went swimming at the lake a lot and had a great time there. Fun memories!

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