Texture that adds to our beauty

textured daisies
“For better or worse, what we see as our emotional bumps and bruises
 is really texture that adds to our beauty.” 
— words of a friend from the Getting Naked class
Some days life just hurts.  I’ve been working on this post for way too long this evening, hoping inspiration will hit me. But here is the raw truth.
My week began with being shamed.  (You can learn more about shame by going to Brene Brown‘s website.)  For a lot of reasons, I simply won’t go into the details of what occurred here.
It’s not the first time nor will it be the last.  Now I know how to recognize it more readily, and am learning how to take care of my heart and soul and heal from all this.  
I have a lot of gratitude for friends I can trust, for my husband, and for my BBBE’s – and you know who you are. Words are powerful. Words of love are like super charged magic that changes us for the better.
And I am finding the courage to face my worst fears.  
Trust me, all of this is connected.
The same person who shared her own wisdom (shown at the top of this post) also shared this quote:
not turn away from the bandaged place.  
That’s where the light enters

12 Replies to “Texture that adds to our beauty”

  1. I'm sorry your week did not start out well, but so glad that you have such a strong support system.

    You're a beautiful woman, inside and out. And I hope you feel confident in that every day, even if it's deep down at times. Never forget that.

  2. You have a wise friend, Deb. I've long believed the truth of what she said, but have never been able to express it so gracefully. And your image is a perfect illustration of the point. I hope the rest of your week goes better…and that you can see yourself through the eyes of all those who love you.

  3. So much love and tenderness in your writing, and in your image. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for this gentle honesty, for this safe place you have created here. You are living the quotes you have shared. Sending love and hugs to you..

  4. What a powerful post, with amazingly powerful words of inspiration, both the sharing of your own tender heart and the quotes. You always inspire, with your ability to share so much of yourself here in this space. Here's to your healing and the turning away from shame. Sending you hugs.

    Such a beautiful image – the texture adding a wonderful layer of complexity.

  5. I too am touched and inspired by this beautiful post!
    Thank you for this and for reminding me of our incredible support that surrounds us!
    LOVE and TRUST to you!

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