Monday thoughts

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We choose our perspective all the time, deciding if we want to see things as we always have or move around and get a new viewpoint.  

That is what I’m working on today.  Today brings me the opportunity to trudge on through,  or — step deliberately and with great attention to each step upon this earth.  Today I can follow my old habits or forge new ones that bring the change that I long for. 

Today I can live in fear, or I can live from that place of love that is deep within.  

When is it that we finally decide to change our perspective?  

How does that come about for you?   

I’d love to hear your thoughts…



6 Replies to “Monday thoughts”

  1. This topic resonates with me today, Deb, as I've been in a real slump and trying to handle lots of negative feelings. Some quiet time this weekend gave me a chance to meditate and remind myself that I need to focus on all the good in my world. Gratitude brings contentment.

    1. What you say is so true. Gratitude, especially when practiced regularly, helps change that focus from what is lacking to what is there. And there is so much abundance!

      Have you noticed that when you list what you are grateful for, the list includes intangible things, like relationships. At least that is what my experience has been.

      When I look at my life from that place of abundance my worries and fears seem so small.

      Thank you, Gina, for sharing your words of wisdom.

  2. It's all about practice for me. It's about deciding to do it again and again and again. Because life is what it is and we are human. We go up and down but with practice, the ups are higher and the lows, not as low. Great to meet you!

    1. I will take these words to heart, Maryse. And I believe them to be true. Practice is something I'm still learning in some areas of my life, and I'm trying to be patient with my self in the meantime. It's encouraging to know that with practice those highs and lows are easier to live with.

      Thank you for joining our conversation!

  3. I think that decision to change, whether it's my perspective or something else, comes about when I realize I've been going in circles. I usually have to mull things over for a long time before undertaking change. It's when I hear myself thinking and saying the same things over and over that I finally take the plunge into whatever it is.

    1. "….when I hear myself thinking and saying the same things over and over…"

      I sense a lot of wisdom in this knowing that you are going around in circles. Makes me think of a holding pattern that a jet would be flying. Holding the same path until a clear to land has come through.

      And you take that plunge…you find that clear space to land. Wow!

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