Holding space


Holding space for another
cradling, comforting
keeping this sacred life in a safe hold,
a loving cuddle,
beholding that face, those eyes, this life, this soul,
so fragile and full of love.
in such a way
that says you are loved
just as you are,
and you know you can do this,
I have faith in you.
and hug close to my heart
all that is me
all that is within me
all that cries out
to be loved
be loved
Hold only the love.
hold every bit, every part,
every bit of fear and love
because it all blends
into beautiful 
Deborah L. Tisch

18 Replies to “Holding space”

  1. What I noticed first was how the soft shades of the rose complemented the beautiful skin tones in your lovely new profile photo. Beautiful words and image.

    1. Leah,

      Here is the story behind this post:

      I have a friend here who is my spiritual director. She invited me to this small group of women. Another spiritual director known my by friend is the leader of this group. And it is more of a group discussion than a book club because we read the book together, aloud, when we gather. Currently we are reading The Dance by Oriah Mountain Dreamer. Actually, what we read is a springboard for fabulous, deep, spiritual discussions.

      All that to tell you this: we talked a lot about holding space for one another as we truly listen, that sometimes the most important thing to do is just listen. And when we 'hold space' for another, we honor them and allow the Spirit to guide them in finding the solutions to whatever troubles them.

      One of our book club members could not be with us due to serious health problems. She had another member of the group stop and pick up white roses and bring to our last meeting. It was as though the bouquet of roses was holding the space that our friend could not fill. Then we each were able to take a couple roses home. And that is where the photo comes from…I took it the next day as it sat on my kitchen table.

      And as you know, in the class we have both taken, we heard Julia and Brooke speak of their friendship, and holding space for each other.

      What can I say? I'm inspired by all of this.

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