Clearer skies, clearer thinking

blue skies

It is as though I have wandered through fog for a while, knowing I need to get somewhere, but not able to see clearly where that is.  Finally, the fog is gone, the blue sky has opened up, and I can take deep breaths.  I think I know where all this has been taking me.

Back to the real me. 

You’ve met her here.  When the images and the writing I share here come from my true self, the real me, we all connect differently.   When my heart is really in what I have photographed, it touches your heart.  Same with my words.  

When I put aside all thoughts about numbers, about stats, about followers or subscribers, and simply show up and let the truth of my being come alive on these pages…then I’m home.  

Back to the real me.

I know that you understand this, even before I hit the publish button.

You know what? When I’m being real, all of this just flows.  The words and poetry fall into place.  The wisdom that comes from the images I capture through my lens, that wisdom becomes a nudge I can not ignore, and I must share it with you.

Clear skies. Fresh air. Clearer thinking and new perspective. 

The landscape of this blog will go through more changes.  (I’m actually considering WordPress, and would welcome any advice along those lines, pro or con.)  For a while I may not have as many posts each week, and will continue to take the weekends off from blogging.  

But I’m here. 

Here to stay.


14 Replies to “Clearer skies, clearer thinking”

  1. Deb – good for you, for coming out on the other side, knowing you are home.

    It's so hard to ignore the stats and the counts and the questions start about "why am I doing this?" I am glad you are here to stay – for your words and images touch me.

    1. Thanks, Brenda! It is good to come through that fog, and to have a better sense of why I do this. It's the connections like you and I have that make me want to continue. I so appreciate your comments, your encouragement, and your friendship.

  2. How wonderful to have that clarity and purpose. Lately it's been eluding me, but I know this is a transitional time to something new. I always enjoy your thoughtful blog posts.

  3. Your last two lines are very reassuring, because it would be a great loss to us all if you went away! I'm glad you've found the path you've been seeking, and I love the direction it's taking you. And I think the "landscape" of your blog right now is lovely.

    I've been using WordPress since I began blogging (wow, almost two years ago now). I've been very happy with it and have never had any problems. The only negative for me is something I just learned about. If you use the free version as I do, WP (may) place advertising on your posts. WordPress users who are logged in don't see the ads, so I had no idea that other people were seeing (for example) videos for new cars on my blog. I was rather horrified when I found out, and decided to pay the $30/yr WP charges to go ad-free. I'd be glad to answer any other questions I can – you can always email me.

    PS – I too am asking myself "what am I doing here?" and "where am I going with this?" Is there any point to my blog? Does there need to be? I'm still thinking about that.

    1. Leon,
      Thank you, dear friend, for your kind words.
      I think it is good for all of us to reevaluate why we do this, to stretch ourselves and see how to do it better, and to be authentic as we go about it.
      Blogging is a beautiful way to connect with those of like mind or similar interest. I'm glad we found a shared interest in photography and have been able to continue this online connection.

  4. I stopped blogging for the longest time (almost 9 months). Personal reasons and also I was feeling like "who cares about my thoughts". Not many followers compared to other bloggers … very little comments on my posts …. but today when I posted for the first time since last September I remembered that I was really doing it for me. I get a huge sense of release and relief from what I put down into words …. so maybe, for now, that's enough. 😀

    1. Diane,
      You are right, it is enough. I hope that you will continue to use your blog as a place to share what You want to share, nothing more. Thank you for coming here today. <3

  5. Deborah, I haven't come around to read your blog in a little while. But I'm sure glad that I'm here today. It's lovely to hear how you have come out of the fog and into a place where you know that being yourself is where you shine your brightest and can share from that wonderful place filled with wisdom and inspiration.

    I can relate. I haven't blogged in 2-3 weeks. I feel myself questioning what exactly am I doing? What do I want from this whole experience? What do others want to read? I sense a transition, changes of some sort happening probably similar to you. The only difference, I'm still in the fog. 😉

    Blessings! xo

    1. Suzanne,
      It's amazing to me how many women in my little corner of this blogging world are saying the same thing. We are all reevaluating and searching for answers.
      I think the questions you shared here, that you are asking yourself, are key to finding your way out of that fog.
      Blessings to you as you journey along.

  6. This made my day. Thank you for being so open and sharing your heart. I am a big fan…as of today:) Love and Blessings!

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