Cloud and reflection

Cloud and reflection
The lines formed by the cloud and reflection form a crescendo in my mind’s eye.  Gradually turn up the volume. Increase the sound.  
It follows that there will be those decrescendos, too, when the opposite takes place.  It’s the variety of dynamics that can make such a difference.  All together the changes make the music more beautiful.
* * *
Don’t we also adjust the volume of our lives? Choosing what to hear, silencing what we don’t want to hear?   
I’m sharing different words and image at Vision and Verb today, 
something I posted here a few days ago.   
Join us there for the conversation!

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  1. Yes we do Deborah – sometimes without realizing where we've silenced and where we're listening/focusing. Your cloud image and reflection reminds me of the sea/surf – ebbing and flowing. Much to think about.

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