Nourishing rain

Rain drops

Drops that look like jewels
clinging to leaves on day lilies
catching the light of day
reflecting it a millions times over.
Nourishing rain
soaking down deep 
into the soil, the roots,
back into the place 
of beginning.


6 Replies to “Nourishing rain”

  1. Love the way the frame is simply filled to bursting with green and the diamond water droplets. An image that says "abundance".

  2. We've had a mix of sunny and rainy days. The last two day the weather gods kept changing their minds-offering short rain followed by clearning. Perfect time to get these water drop shots. They totally look like jewels and love the way they bend the grasses/leaves a touch more. Well seen and captured.

  3. Beautiful sparkling drops on the leaves — a lovely capture. We were just back in DC, and I enjoyed the warm summer rain so much, which leaves everything so clean and wonderfully green.

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