Contrasting and blending

contrasting textures

For your Monday, wherever life finds you…
This contrast between the small ripples of water
and the hard metal structure made by man,
between the reflected pale blue of the sky
and the rusting darkness of a barrier.
And yet there are the colors that blend
making this a simple little spot of beauty.

9 Replies to “Contrasting and blending”

  1. Just goes to show that there are metaphors to be found everywhere. Love the soft colors..and the contrast between man-made and nature.

  2. Okay – you had me at the rippled water reflections. Now, add that gorgeous color combination of pale blue and rusty ochers and the wonderful contrasts – and yes, a spot of beauty.

    1. You make me smile with this one, Brenda! I actually enhanced the colors just a bit with Lightroom, just enough to make the water a little more blue. I don't do that often, but it was worth it for this, for the colors.

  3. Beauty can be found in so many places. I love water images — you've helped us see the beauty here in the lovely contrasts and similarities.

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