The color purple, and more

Purple leaves

In this world of spring flowers and trees filled with new leaves, with grasses grown tall and waving in the sun, and crops growing in the fields, the color green is everywhere.  We crave that color by the time spring gets here, don’t we?

This evening my attention was drawn to a dash of purple.  When I walked around and changed my perspective just a bit, I saw more.  The evening sun caught in the veins of a purple leaf, against the back drop of brilliant greens.

I like playing with paint, drawing something now and then, writing a story, or telling my own story. 

But chasing the light, looking for that bit of Wow…and sharing it with you…oh, yes, this brings me joy.

10 Replies to “The color purple, and more”

  1. And how is it that the joy you feel travels through the photo to me as I see it on the screen? I don't know how but I feel joy too.

    1. Thanks, Susan. I had my mind on other things and decided to look around, look at something different, and this is what happened. I need to listen to that kind of nudge more often!

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