On a lighter note

Yeller and Rossfeld

It’s been one of those weeks. 
A bit stressful here and there, a lot of digging deep and growing. 

So it’s time to let my furry friends appear and send us off for the weekend.

I was trying to get a close up of the leaves you see in the foreground, and what should pop up through all that green but an orange cat!  Not until I downloaded this to the computer did I see the other cat in the background.  Judging by the slant of their ears I think a chase was about to happen.  

Oh well.  Just one of the hazards of being a photographer….

Have a fabulous weekend!


6 Replies to “On a lighter note”

  1. My cat has a tendancy to want to appear in my images, and it sometimes ruins them. This however is a perfectly timed "photo bomb". What a great shot. The cat in the rear could almost be a reflection.

  2. Since our two kitties are indoor cats only, I love seeing your photo of an orange tabby amongst the plants and leaves. It's so different for me! Yes, one of those weeks! I feel you.

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