juvinal red winged black bird

Learning to fly, leaving that nest of safety, feeling the wind in your wings, all of that can be pretty scary.  So you learn to find a safe place to simply hang on and get your bearings.  Then you begin to feel the excitement and exhilaration of finally being able to fly…so you call out to say, “Hey, Mom! Look at me!”

Female red winged black bird

She’s not far away, keeping a watchful eye.  And she calls back to you, “Yes! I see you! I knew you could do it!”

May you 
find your wings 
and fly.

5 Replies to “Flying”

  1. Oh, how many times did I have that exact conversation with my own kids! Thanks for the reminder that I can feel that excitement and joy as I explore new things and find new wings, and that I can give myself that same encouragement.

    1. Yes, Leon! That is exactly what I wanted to convey in this post. The key is that we can give ourselves that encouragement, rather than waiting for it to come from outside of us. Yes!

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