Nesting and nurturing

warbler on her nest

What I began to write here just didn’t work, so I’m regrouping and starting again.

I really just want to share this adorable image of a Yellow Warbler on her nest, taken while we were at Magee Marsh Wildlife Area last Sunday.  Some other people had noticed this tiny nest that was within arms reach from the boardwalk we were all standing on, and I was so glad to have my camera ready.  Isn’t she just precious? 

And I want to tell you that this makes me think of nurturing ourselves, giving the kind of love and care and attention to ourselves that no one else can.  We have to learn to love ourselves enough to take care of ourselves just as we would take care of those we love.  

So if you were going to do this, how would it look in your life?  Would you sit on the nest and keep your little loved ones warm while they are growing?  Sure you would.  

But how would you take care of You while you continue to grow in spirit, or as your body changes?  What would that look like?  

And if your loved one is brokenhearted, or joyful, or lonely, or just bursting with happiness, how would you react?  

What if You are brokenhearted, or joyful, or lonely, or just bursting with happiness?  

How do You take care of You?

Part of my own nurturing is to step away from the computer as much as possible on weekends.  There will be a movie or two to watch, time with my hubby, a bit of photography, and some much needed face to face time with a dear friend over a cup of coffee.  

I hope you will have a weekend filled with love and peace, and time for yourself.  

See you back here on Monday!


13 Replies to “Nesting and nurturing”

  1. Eat chocolate…lots of it!
    Seriously, here is what I tell other social service advocates:
    Eat light, Sleep right, Drink plenty of water, and don't forget to BREATHE.
    Words I would be wise to follow, but too often don't.
    I loved this pic! We had a nest in our newspaper tube (that hasn't been used in years!) and the Mama only had one. It was a little wren. What fun to watch him grow and fly away!

    1. Bonnie,
      I love the advice on eating chocolate! Were you watching me eat those M&Ms a few minutes ago????
      Thanks for your comments. This little warbler was so fun to watch, her colors just as brilliant as could be.
      It is so cool when we get to see these birds up close and watch them fly away.
      Love ya!

  2. You were certainly in the right spot at the right time! This bird's colors are so brilliant! Nurturing ourselves is something that's very hard to do! I usually reserve time during the week for walks in the woods where I can regroup and refresh! Have a nice weekend!

  3. Oh my…Magee Marsh…what wonderful memories I have of going there with my mother and father to watch the migratory birds come and go. I took my dog sometimes and that didn't mix well with seeing wildlife exactly, but my father softened when I asked if I could take her. 🙂

    Your photo is stunning as usual.

    To your questions:

    Food for thought. I am learning (and oh, this is so difficult to remember to do…why is that?!) to not pass judgment on any of my feelings and really feel them. I tend to gloss over the "good" ones and run from the "bad" ones. But if I stay with all of them for a while, my hope is to learn that there really is no "good" or "bad". And I try to do this with directees as well as my children and husband…allow them the space to feel without my comments, judgments or impatience.

    Maybe I can eat a piece of chocolate as a reward for sitting still with my feelings! ha! I like it.

    1. Mary Anne,

      I wish I knew why is it so hard to remember what we have learned and stick to the new practices that come about as a result. In my own journey it seems that a large two-by-four has to hit me several times on the head before my behavior actually changes.

      Then that little monkey mind tries to sabotage all the new behaviors and drag me back into old habits, old ways of thinking.

      As I try to practice this love of self, my heart is telling me that if I really do love me I'll do the best I can to treat me that way.

      Easier said than done.

      I think I'll join you for that piece of chocolate now.

  4. This is a beautiful image! I want a copy for my create space. It reminds me about nesting and nurturing and creating a home.

  5. How lovely – that bright-yellow head peeking out for a look. And I completely agree with the chocolate prescription – I just finished my after-lunch treat 🙂

  6. I find photography the most enjoyable (and nurturing) experience. I love to explore with my lens, seeing God's handiwork in my viewfinder. It invigorates me more than anything else. I love that bright yellow head…such a find!

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