Wave sounds


To see the waves coming and going 
is like hearing someone breathing.  
She inhales and pulls her might out into the depths, 
then exhales and sends it all back to shore.  
Along the way the water scours the earth, 
pulling whatever is loose and free, 
tugging with her strength.  

In that fluid, reflective surface are the colors of the sky, 
the thick chocolate of the mud, 
and the foaming bubbles.  
Left in the wake is the dark, 
moist sand 
and billions of small shells.

I stand there on the edge as my feet 
crunch against all those bits and pieces 
from days, 
and years.  
My breath 
soon tries to match 
the rhythm of the waves.

Hearing my breathing
is like
seeing the waves
come and go.


12 Replies to “Wave sounds”

  1. An evocative word poem to accompany your lovely image – both enhancing the other. I love the curves of the wave and shoreline; the blue and brown color palette; the contrast between the textured sand and the smoothness of the water.

  2. ps. Deb, I'm having trouble commenting from my Iphone. I can only comment from my laptop..just fyi. Apologies for not being around to much these days. j.

  3. I have not used my clock radio since I retired, but I think I need to get it out so I can listen to the breathing of my ocean waves CD as I drift off to sleep. This is a beautiful poem and image to go with it.

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