When the path is not so obvious

Stream at Glenn Helen

I fed my soul over the weekend.

Two out of the three days I was able to travel to places and enjoy the wonder of nature.  Long walks in the woods and in a wildlife area, fresh air, and so much beauty my eyes could hardly take it all in.

These stones laid out so carefully on a stream bed made it easy to walk across and reach the other bank, continuing the hike we were on.  I’ve looked back at this image so many times in the last couple of days and thought how easy that was, how clear that path was, how little effort it took to go from here to there.

It is so easy to take that path of least resistance.  To go where everyone else has gone before, to imitate what you see others do.  And it can very quickly make us miserable because maybe that is not what our lives are supposed to be about. Maybe we need to listen more carefully to our hearts, our souls, and take a new path, blaze a new trail.  

In the last few weeks, I have been on a journey with other online friends, trying to listen to my heart and be who I really am.   When I decided to give away some of my art several days ago, that was all part of being who Deb really truly is.  

If you could have seen me when I left the post office after mailing those packages, you would have laughed.  I was so giggly with excitement!  When my husband asked me why I was so giggly and excited about mailing packages, I had to stop for a moment and think.

My answer came fairly quickly.  “Because this feels right.”  I was born to do this.   

“This” ?  

Sharing my art, sharing my words, sharing the gifts that I have.   

Do I know what all that looks like? No.  I’m still digging and searching and learning again to tune in to my heart.   There are lots of habits to break free of, some thought patterns to be kicked to the curb, some junk in my head to clear out.  

That path across the stream was obvious and worked well for what we needed to accomplish.  But the path I’m on with my heart and soul is kind of shrouded in mystery.

I just simply have to trust the process.


14 Replies to “When the path is not so obvious”

  1. It's interesting how an image can convey different messages to different people. I don't see the "path of least resistance." I see a clear path that I can follow to discover a place I've never been before. And yet both of us were thinking about finding the way to something new.

    I love the photo itself – tree roots, stepping stones, cool water. Can you tell I'm feeling thirsty here in the desert?

    1. Yes, Leon, and sometimes just taking that clear path can get us to a place where our perspective changes, where we see a new view of what already is there.

      I can understand "feeling thirsty" while living in the desert, yet I so enjoy reading of your new life there and seeing your images!

  2. Having just returned from a long walk in the woods…I could simply cut and paste your post as mine today…as your thoughts are clearly mine as well. As I walked away from my regular rock where I sit and ponder, the same words came to me…"Trust the process." Thank you Deborah for sharing that I'm not alone in this process!

  3. You always have the most beautiful and inspiring words with your photos! These words touched me today "maybe we need to listen more carefully to our hearts." A small part of me wants to be like others; to fit in; to compare myself. I have to keep that little voice in check or I'm miserable. Thanks for todays reminder that I am just me and need to follow my on path! Your image is so very peaceful! I can hear the water trickling by the rocks! Glad you were able to spend sometime relaxing and enjoying nature!

    1. Cathy, I think the hardest lesson in life for us to learn is that we are Enough, that there is no need to be like anyone else. I'm thankful that my words and image touched your heart today!

  4. Deb – what a wondrous image to illustrate your own searching – your attempts to find the right path FOR YOU. I so admire your ability to share this very personal emotional journey and to inspire in us, your readers, the strength to search for our own path.

    1. We are all in this web together, this web of life. What we do has an effect on every life we touch…as your life has impacted mine. Thank you for your continued friendship and support, Brenda!

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