From the mess

Yellow iris

Back at my favorite pond yesterday with camera in hand, I thought there would be a frog or a turtle to try to photograph.  But they were all much too quick for me and plopped back into the water as fast as they could.  

At one end of the pond all of the scum accumulates, and right now it’s really thick.  There is debris from last year’s vegetation, and signs of lots of new growth happening. Overall, the view is kind of disgusting.

But at the far edge, growing in the thick pond scum, was this perfect yellow iris.  

Like this pond, our lives are often messy.  We have stories and junk from our past that accumulate, creating layers that often hide who we really are.  

The challenge, I believe, is to look at that great ‘pond’ that is our life story, and see the beauty 
that arises out of it.  



4 Replies to “From the mess”

  1. beautiful! Love the shot – the pretty flower and the blur of the mess in the background! {we were on extremely similar wavelengths today!}

  2. This is so sweet and true. Life is a scummy mess and at times we may feel there is nothing beautiful to hold on to, but then we find that yellow iris quietly waiting for us to take notice and we remember that in time all of life will blossom into the fullness of its beauty.

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