Another sculpture

God Bless America

This one was simply captivating.  It’s called “God Bless America.”  And the couple are posed right on the downtown square of Troy, Ohio, looking at traffic, and the fountain, at all the businesses nearby.

Full view

In this full view of the couple, you see more detail.  He wears a suit coat over his overalls, and there are stickers from other countries on that leather briefcase.  

What thoughts come to your mind when you look at this? 

This display is from The Sculpture Foundation, and features work by the artist Seward Johnson.

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  1. This makes me think of the last time I visited Chicago – there was a 25-foot tall version of this statue there – and the original Grant Woods painting "American Gothic", upon which it is based, resides in the Art Institute of Chicago. I love that these creations travel around the country, bringing art and beauty all over.

  2. This makes me smile! The farming couple has decided to travel the world! So glad you were able to see these in person and share them with us!!

  3. Well that's the American Gothic. Classic. Of course as a kid I called that painting "Guy with a Pitchfork". Kids.
    I like that you took the side angle and that the sculpture give it the 3D perspecitve.

  4. This version of American Gothic makes me wonder if he had to travel for business, leaving wife and farm behind too many times. It appears he has one foot in his home soil and one on the road to who-knows-where by virtue of his clothing layers. By the title of this piece, I assume I know which foot most wishes to be planted for good.

    I know I live most of the time with one foot in one place and one in another. I'm here, but I'm in my dreams. I'm there but I have to be here. I'm alone but with you in the same room. I'm doing this and that at the same time……………………..

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