Watching the weather

majestic clouds

This is what I love about the Midwest.

The sky.  

That vast, open, immense space.

We traveled around in the evening last week and walked in a wooded area for a while.
Fought some healthy mosquitoes, too.  

As we prepared to leave, the clouds were just amazing.  Way out on the horizon we could see a storm brewing, that big puffy cloud down there with the golden light on it.  

The setting sun cast it’s orange glow on the top of that storm cloud, which made it contrast with all the other white and gray wispy clouds.  

I like watching the weather come and go. 

6 Replies to “Watching the weather”

  1. That is a gorgeous cloud formation — the ever-changing sky is one of the special beauties of the midwest. Looking at the sky makes me feel more connected to mother nature.

  2. Yes, sometimes it really is all about the sky! How amazingly beautiful, with that orange tint, giving it a sunset glow.

  3. I love a big sky too, and this is a beauty. I love the contrast between the orange storm clouds and the blue-white-gray tones of the rest of the image. Lovely capture!

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