Pink dogwood

We planted this pink dogwood in our front yard a couple years ago. 

I just love the softness created by the blurred background, and the delicate colors of the petals.

After making the decision to share my collage yesterday my heart kind of felt all open and happy just like these blossoms.  In fact, I have edited this post from a highly technical photography kind of post that told you what lens and aperture I used…to this, to the truth about why I like this artwork of Mother Nature, why it speaks to me today.  

Thank you all for your comments yesterday about my art give away!   I’m very excited to see how it all works out, who I get to send my artwork to, and then think about what will be ‘liberated’ next.  

This is not just a one time thing.  

5 Replies to “Blooming”

  1. So lovely! The first one, with the three blossoms and the shallow DOF, is exquisite. I adore dogwood blossoms and am thinking of planting a tree next fall in our front yard.

  2. So THAT'S what a dogwood blossom looks like 🙂 You published this just for me, right? Of course, it also gives me a definite case of camera envy with that gorgeous creamy background – a beautiful backdrop for that lovely blossom.

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