An art give away!



See with new eyes.

Those are the words stamped on these collages that I made a while back.  The message on each one has been important for me in my own journey. Continual reminders to keep my heart open to love, to have courage, to really see the world around me.

The reason I’m putting them here is that I want you to have them.  I’m giving them away, no strings attached.  Liberating a bit of art into the world, as Kat would say.

It is surprising to me how much courage it takes to do this. You have no idea how long I have worked on this post, or how many times I almost deleted this. 

The important thing is that this is what I really really really want to do.  Learning to honor the artist in me includes having the courage to give away something I have created.  

I will send these three pieces to three different people.  If you would like to have one of these please leave a comment on my blog on this post.  *Or if you subscribe by email, simply reply to the email with a message that you would like one and I’ll add your name to the drawing.

On Wednesday, May 15th, at 10:00pm EST,  I will close this give away, and choose three names from those who have left a comment on this post.  I’ll announce the winners of the drawing  in a post here on Thursday!

Have a fabulous Monday!

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Update: 10:00pm EST, Wednesday, May 15, 2013
This drawing is now closed.  Stop by tomorrow to see who won!
Thanks for all your kind comments!

15 Replies to “An art give away!”

  1. Love what you've created here…and I so 'get' this fear of putting it up and out there. I live it every single day. So inspiring to see you doing it here. YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  2. I love these sentiments and what a wonderful way to pass the energy onto other people. I can't resist entering! Thank you. xo, Erin

    "Every day when you wake up, ask yourself, 'What do I really, really, really want?' You have to say really, really, really, otherwise you won't believe it." – Elizabeth Gilbert

  3. What a lovely give-a-way that comes from your heart! I would be thrilled to win one of these; they're beautiful! Congrats for hitting the publish button!!

  4. Oh I love these! How generous of you to want to share your art! I would be thrilled to receive one. Especially love the one…see with new eyes. That one really speaks to me as I enter this whole world of creating!

  5. Hello Deb, I'm so happy your sharing these with us! I have always loved any art projects you do. It does take courage to do this and I'm so proud of you. Please don't be worried though, your art is always so beautiful and comes straight from the heart and is made with love. I love this whole set!

    Would love to win any of these, would be honored to have one in my home. Thanks so much for giving us a chance to win a piece, so generous of you.

    Happy Mother's Day too, hope it was a nice relaxing day for you.

  6. Deborah, sometimes we get held back by the oddest things. Fear can spring out of almost anything. I'm glad that you posted this blog. Your art is lovely. I would be honored to enter the drawing!
    Have a beautiful Monday.

  7. Deb! Ahhhh….that's me taking a deep breath mixed with so many emotions.

    These are absolutely gorgeous – soft, gentle, quiet – when I look at them I think of a warm hug. And I love the words, such perfect reminders.

    The fact that you felt so much fear in creating this post/putting this out there but did it anyway, makes you that much BRAVER – that much more of a superhero!

    We need to get you a cape, my friend. You're amazing!

  8. Wow! I love your art. And yay you for doing this. I especially love your reason: Because you want to (and to "liberate some art into the world). Wish more of us would leap in the direction of our hearts' desires.


  9. I know just the one who would see the artist behind these pieces though she doesn't know you. If it is meant to be, she will get one. If not, I have every confidence the Universe will provide. Thank you for your courage and your beauty…inside and out.

  10. So proud of you, Deb, for taking this step. And I'm amazed . . .your art work is pure beauty–how could you EVER be afraid of "putting it out there"? Doesn't fear do crazy things to us?

    I would be honored to have some of your art in my home.

  11. How thrilling to be honoring your artist self by sending your art out into the world. And such beautiful art it is. I love each piece and the evident love that has been poured into each piece. Kudos to you for pressing that Publish button.

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