Color and new life

Trees at Kingwood Center


I just need to share 
the light and the 
colorful spring blossoms.

Maybe that is because
when I look
at what has held 
me back
I want to see what is 
drawing me
what is moving me

that is why today
I just want you
to know 
that the garden
we visited last Saturday
was filled with
places like this.

beyond amazing.
that I have missed
all winter long.

and new life.

Arch and tree at prison

Even at that prison
outside the main
there is this little garden
beyond the arch
where there is a 
sign of life
and hope.

That’s what I need 
to see
which is why you are 
seeing it here, too.
Plain and simple.

I hope that you can 
see the amazing colors
in the places of your world.
Find them.
Go out and look for them.

And when you get there
and fill your eyes and your
soul with the loveliness
before you,
just breathe it in.

Let it sustain you.



6 Replies to “Color and new life”

  1. Wonderful captures of the joy of Spring! I especially love your doorway image — well, I'm partial to doors. Have a colorful weekend!

  2. How lovely! The trees are so beautiful, so full of flowers that the branches are invisible. I love the blue flowers around them, and the little pops of irrepressible dandelions in the lawn.

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