The Saturday Meet Up

Tulips at Kingwood Center, Mansfield, OH

Take a perfect spring day, 
just a little cool but lots of nice sunshine, 
a little cloud cover to diffuse the light, and 
add in a meeting with someone you’ve “known” from the blogging world.  

     You’ve only communicated in blog posts and emails.
     Never had the chance to meet face to face.

Make plans to view places you’ve never seen before
and do a lot of walking and talking and 
just getting acquainted.
Mix in a nice lunch
and share some stories.

That’s what we did on Saturday.
I had the privilege to meet Brenda of How To Feather An Empty Nest, in person!
We found a good half way point to meet
and made our way to Mansfield, Ohio.

The day was filled with good conversation,
about photography, about blogging, about family and
life. My words here don’t do it justice, really. 

I’m sure we will do this again.

Meantime, this week I hope to share a few images with you from that experience.
Stay tuned!

11 Replies to “The Saturday Meet Up”

  1. Deb, that's fabulous! I'm envious. I had a similar experience of meeting up with a blogging friend, Susan (Happy No Ears), who quickly became a real-world friend. I miss her terribly now that I've moved across the country. If I put together a shortlist of others I'd like to connect with in person, you and Brenda would both be on it! Looking forward to seeing your photos.

  2. What a wonderful day — sharing a photo outing in a beautiful place with a blogger friend! It's great to be able to meet kindred spirits online, and even better, to meet them in person!

  3. Look at you – capturing those amazing tulips with your wonderful depth of field – they seem to go on into infinity! Just so you know – this is my moment of camera envy that I warned you about. I kept very few of my shots from the garden.

    Just so everyone knows – I was definitely the lucky one in getting to meet Deb – a warm, personable, funny, generous human being – who graciously invited this introvert out into the world of the photo-walk. We had a fabulous time. I can't wait to see the same places through her eyes.

  4. How great that you guys were able to get together!! It would be so wonderful to meet bloggy friends! Love your tulips shot, beautiful tulip bokeh!

  5. Hello Deborah,
    Stumbled upon your blog via Jeff Goins'. Thought I'd check out your page. I'm not a photography expert but I do have an eye for beautiful images and photos (my collection of beautiful scarves says a bit of that).

    Anyway, I love these tulip shots. I love flowers. I love tulips! Just came back from Salzburg and they have lovely ones there.

    The prison cell shot is moving. You captured beauty in a state of near decay.

    It's wonderful to know yoy've made friends with another blogger 🙂

  6. How fabulous that you and Brenda met up. Love it when blogging connections become 'real life' connections. Beautiful tulips too, great colour and love your composition.

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