More Goslings

Ozzie: Did they all get in?
Harriett: Yes, dear. I have them all with me.

Ozzie: And where is that lady with the camera?
Harriett:  She is far enough away that she can’t get us now.  No worries.

Ozzie: I think we should go back to the nest now. You?
Harriett: Why, yes, dear.  That will be just fine. 

6 Replies to “More Goslings”

  1. Fun Deborah. Good thing the lady with the camera has a good lens to reach them from far away. Great sense of humor here.
    I have a mama raccoon and her babies living in the cupola atop my garage. That ain't so funny. Tis the season for wee ones.

  2. Tis the season for sure! We have baby rabbits and baby ground squirrels all over the place. I think the mamas are incubating the next batch even before the first ones have left home. No bodies of water nearby, though, so I'm really enjoying watching your goslings grow up.

  3. Love this story – I really can see and hear the parents' conversation. Now that I have met the "lady with the camera", I really don't understand their concern – as she is the nicest, friendliest person. 🙂

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