How they evaded the lady photographer

Then that lady with the camera came closer and they had to head back to the water.  I can just hear the little ones protesting, “But Mom! We just got out!  Do we have to go back???”

There is an independent one in every family.  See that one on the far right?  The last one, the one who lingers a bit longer, who has her mind on other things, who probably was the one who complained.  She hears a different drummer perhaps.

I kinda like her. 

I love that the babies make their own little waves as they paddle along.


4 Replies to “How they evaded the lady photographer”

  1. I like her too – the one holding back, considering. As a rule follower, I would have been the one in front, right behind Mama 🙂 But I admire the one listening to her own drummer.

  2. What a sweet post, Deb. It's good to have a rebel in every family. We need them to shake things up a bit, no?

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