5 Replies to “It comes in 3’s”

  1. An all time favorite shot (for me!) of yours! Does that make sense…as I wrote it I wasn't quite sure. Anyhow – lovely shot – and same wishes right back at ya!

  2. I'm not a huge fan of titles (I have to be forced to put them on my own work) but I love this title! It really makes you see the photograph for the pattern and the title itself draws your eye around the composition. Brilliant! Lovely serene image as well.

  3. Deb – I love this toning. It really makes the three trees and the three reflections stand out, immediately drawing the eye. Beautiful – peaceful and serene.

  4. Such a wonderful image – I didn't even notice that it was not in color until I read Brenda's comment. I guess my heart must have been filling in what my eyes couldn't see. I love your new spring header, too!

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