The wide open spaces of the Midwest hold some of my favorite views.  Even on a cloudy, rainy day.  It seems that the wetness brings out the intense colors, cleans the dust off of everything. 
As we took a little break and drove out into the country we kept seeing batches of these little purple flowers.  The purple against the green of new grass drew my attention.  Then a passing truck along a lonely road…it all spoke of the journey we make.  
Sometimes the path is filled with pretty stuff that is easy to see. Other times we have to search for it.  The point is to keep your eyes open, keep looking.

6 Replies to “Traveling”

  1. I too love the flat expanses of the Mid-west – I suppose that comes from being a native Ohioan. Love that endless carpet of purple and spring green. And the feeling of loneliness of the open road.

  2. Always looking-and in your case finding-beautiful sights. They're everywhere if you keep your eyes open. Great landscape shot. I love the addition of road, car, and electrical poles and that distant barn to set the scene.

  3. When I moved from California to Ohio 18 years ago, I sent my things ahead by moving van and drove myself across the country to my new home. Everyone warned me how boring the drive through the Midwest would be, but I thought it was beautiful! I loved the wide open spaces and huge sky. It was just about this time of year, too. Good memories!

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