Gateway Arch

Gateway Arch

The clouds and storms were rolling in as we arrived in St. Louis.  We took the time to walk around the Gateway Arch, an amazing structure that commemorates the gateway to the West.

I like how the metal panels that cover this thing look like a patchwork of grays and silver.  It really was a dark, cloudy afternoon, too, which adds to the shades of gray.

Base of the arch

I was fascinated by the base of this huge structure, and how it looks to me like the bow of a ship, cutting through stone and earth instead of water.  On the far left is a reflection of a person, appearing as an abstract form.

We left there and headed on into Missouri.  As we drove through the city on the interstate, we heard on the radio of the bombings in Boston.  

Somehow the grays seemed even more gray after that.



5 Replies to “Gateway Arch”

  1. That first shot is an awesome POV! The texture in the sky is a great counterpoint to the hard-edged metal structure. It's a different take on an iconic structure and I really like it.

  2. Deb – I love your unique perspective on the arch – it is a challenge to find something new to capture about an icon but I think you have succeeded fabulously.

  3. I think that first shot of the arch is the most stunning I've ever seen. What an amazing angle! The gray sky just makes it that much more powerful!

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