Beautiful landscape

Yellow flowers

As we rode along in the car with my son and his wife, we rounded a corner and this caught my attention.  Not often do I ask that we stop so I can get a photograph, but I could not pass this by.  

I’ve no idea what the yellow flowers are called, but this field of young trees (planted in rows) was filled with this brilliant yellow bloom.  To me, this scene is an example of a perfect spring day.

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A blogging note…
Thanks to Cathy at Grandma’s Little Corner for pointing out an issue I was having here with the comments.  Turns out that I placed a check mark in a box that only allowed comments from Goggle+ users.   (It always helps to really read directions, *cough *cough.)    
It’s all fixed now.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

6 Replies to “Beautiful landscape”

  1. I had a friend who when she didn't know what flowers were called she'd name them "yellow sideathe rhodas". Sounds like the formal name.
    Not only are the flowers stunning, but the patterns of the tree trunks make this such a stunning scene.

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