Inspiration Point

Inspiration Point from below

It is a fabulous experience to see your own children in their own home, in their place of belonging.  I find it difficult to describe to you just how that feels in my heart, but it is a beautiful thing indeed.

Last week we were able to spend some time with our son and visit the places he and his wife love to go to.  Southern Illinois has the Shawnee National Forest, and that is one of the main reasons my son and daughter-in-law choose to stay there.  Inspiration Point is one of their favorite places.

On top of Inspiration Point

The view from the top is breathtaking.  You can see the shadows off in the distance made by the clouds that float above.  On that windy day in the warm sun we enjoyed the view that truly is…inspiring.

4 Replies to “Inspiration Point”

  1. Ooo that is beautiful! I'm from Chicago and my parents moved us to Cincinnati as kids, so we'd travel back and forth between the cities, but never spent any time exploring the state. I had no idea there was such natural beauty in Illinois. Gorgeous!

  2. Wow, gorgeous place. I remember when I lived away I used to enjoy sharing "my" places when my family visited. They are wise to live in a place that brings joy and awe. I like the BW processing here and how you put together the triptych.

  3. Beautifully inspiring! The BW processing works really well – bringing out the wondrous layers of texture. And I completely understand about visiting a grown child in their "place" – in early May, I will be visiting my son and his girlfriend for the last time in North Carolina when he graduates with his MBA from UNC. Over Memorial Day weekend, they are moving to Austin, TX to begin a new life out west. So exciting!

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