Take a deep breath…

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We just returned today from a week of vacation time, filled with visits to family in Illinois and Missouri.  The time away has been great, a real breath of fresh air for both of us.  

Though I have been away from blogging (having programmed the last few posts in advance), I have not been away from the news of the terrible events of this past week.  On the way home today we listened to NPR as the city of Boston was on lock down and so many questions were waiting to be answered about the suspect at large.  It has been an intense few days.

Finally, this evening there has been resolution, and I am very relieved that it all ended with a life spared rather than destroyed.  Now maybe the many questions can be answered and justice can be served.

Earlier this week we stood on this huge hill (pictured here) near my son’s home town, looking out over the country side, feeling a warm spring breeze, filling our lungs with the fresh air.  It is a beautiful place and you can see for miles.  

I’d love for us to be able to see far ahead and see an end to senseless violence. Maybe if we all had that same vision it would come to pass.   

Maybe if we all chose to be a little better from this point forward, to make some little change within ourselves that can help bring peace and love into the world rather than hate and anger…I can only dream of how much better this world would be for our children and future generations.

In the meantime, I just want us all to breathe.  Take a deep breath. Savor the freedom in that seemingly small act.  

And then allow the love that lives within us to go out into the world, making it a better place.  

One small act at a time.

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