An experiment with white balance

altered sunset
Did you know that you can change the color of a sunset (or any subject) by changing the white balance on your camera?  Try using a setting that you know would not be suited for your photo, such as using the flash setting when you are not using one at all.  I read about this in Bryan Peterson’s book, “Understanding Exposure”.
On the evening that I wrote about here I decided to try this, and changed from auto white balance to tungsten.  This change gave the whole scene such a lovely blue tint, almost an early morning look.    
Petersen’s book is excellent, and I highly recommend it.   Do you have a favorite photography book you’d like to tell us about? 

5 Replies to “An experiment with white balance”

  1. Beautiful colors! It's fun to experiment! I have Peterson's book and have read about half way through. I would like to order another one of his.

  2. Well that is really cool. I would have loved to see and auto WB of same scene and this set on Tung. I'll have to try that, it will be a way to put something creative into my "I'm sick of taking sunsets" images.
    I don't have a favorite book and right now can't afford to purchase any. My library is rather "meh" on such. I'll have to hunt around for some bargains.
    Happy day Deborah. Nice new header. Looking more like spring.

  3. Oh I love experimenting too and I love how you explain it all so well as you're learning! I've had that particular book on my Amazon wish list for a while now. Thanks for the reminder. Hmm…favorite? That's a hard question! So many…I'll have to get back to ya on that! Ha!

  4. A beautiful result. I often test out different white balance options in post-processing – there have been a number of times when the results were quite stunning. And I love the Peterson book – a wonderful resource.

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