9 Replies to “In your own backyard…”

  1. Lovely macro — you've captured some beautiful light and colors. I am enjoying watching my new garden grow, and discovering new things popping up each day. Have a wonderful week, Deb.

  2. You know I love this one! Beautiful macro shot with such a dreamy background. You are so right, beauty is there, we just need to look closely!

  3. Deb – first of all, I love your new header – all that green and the golden light. And wonderful macro – that creamy green background serving to highlight the wonderful details of growth that you have captured.

  4. It really is all about looking closely, isn't it? I so appreciate the beauty you capture, dear Deb.

    Sending love your way today.

  5. This is beautiful, Deb! The light, the colour, and how did you get that background! Gorgeous. There's something about the macro that brings me into the moment…and into its beauty. Thanks, Deb! Wishing a wonderful week!

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