Changes around here…

It’s the season of change.
And as I write this I’m thinking when is a season, any season, Not a time of change? 
When spring arrives I notice the changes more, the contrast between what was dormant and what is reborn.  
I’m just going to let the random thoughts come to the page here….
There is a lot of whispering in my heart, and nudges all around me that I am paying attention to.  What you are going to see here, especially in April, are fewer posts.  I’ll still be blogging, but with a different intention, maybe I should say a more focused intention.  
And, no, I’m not sure what that is.  I trust the process that is moving me.

Why I chose this image of water pouring over blue stones is beyond me.  The ripples and shadows, the bubbles of air, the sun light and water intensifying the colors.  The water cleansing all the dirt and dust off and just changing everything.    
Changing for the better.
Meanwhile, we anticipate a visit this weekend from the grandson and his mommy.   You have to know that my house is cleaner at this moment than it has been in quite a while…..
Whatever you are celebrating, whether it be Easter or Passover, new life, or simply the beginning of Spring, I wish you joy and abundance, love and peace.    

10 Replies to “Changes around here…”

  1. i love the fresh watery ripples
    surging over hard, stony ground
    ….looks like new paths being carved
    by aliveness that is both gentle and powerful
    and gives me a happy little shiver of joyful hope
    over your nexts:)
    much love in the leaning into,

  2. Change is hard. Good luck. I know my blogging changed awhile back. Not sure why, guess it just had to. I hope you can find a new comfortable space.
    Love your image-it is soothing.
    As for that clean house….sounds like a storm is about to move in. A welcome storm, but a storm no less. Hope you have lots of fun.

  3. Change is inevitable anyway, so I think we just need to go with it. Following the heart is the best way,
    and it sounds like that's what you're doing. I know I always clean up before the grandkids come, and then the house is filled with energy and giggles, and, inevitably, it gets messy. So wonderful! Enjoy your family time — may you weekend be filled with hugs and love!

  4. Now and then we all need a change. I laughed when you said your house was clean. My daughter says there's not need for me to clean before she and her three boys come down. It's a mess as soon as they hit the door! But, underneath all their clutter, I know it's clean and that's what counts! Enjoy your time with them. I'll look forward to seeing some pictures!

  5. Love that you're listening to your heart and allowing it to lead. I'm feeling that bubbling up of change and intention myself. Will look forward to seeing where you go. Enjoy your weekend…Happy Easter!

  6. Deb I appreciated your post and can relate. All the best to you as you give yourself space and time to unfold with the changes you are feeling. Happy Easter! xo PS loved your photo.

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