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Susan, who shares her images and insights here, asked about mirror lockup in response to my post from yesterday.  While it is easy for me to make this setting change in my camera, I could not tell you all the whys and wherefores…I just knew it helped with focus in certain situations.  

I thought I’d share what I found here so you could all benefit from what I have learned about this. 

Mirror lock up is a step to take to eliminate camera vibrations.  I used it in taking photos of the eggs because I knew my exposure would be long due to relative low light conditions.  Read my post here to learn about all the steps I took to get a clear focus.
There is a good basic definition of mirror lock up here on Wikipedia.  Good place to start. Lots of tiny little movements and things happen inside a camera (of any kind) and sometimes those movements can create enough shake of the camera to blur an image.  

At you will find a clear explanation of all those movements in the order that they occur.  The author refers to film cameras, but the basic concepts, I believe, are the same.  

This article at Digital Camera World talks about using mirror lock up to help you get clear, sharp images when doing certain kinds of shots, especially close up or macro images. 


These articles I linked to really explain mirror lock up much better than I can, so please take the time to click on them and read all about it.  If you have a link to an online article that also explains it, or the name of a good resource, feel free to share in the comments.

Thanks, Susan, for bringing up your question!

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  1. Deb – love that your TTC topic is generating more interest and learning opportunities for everyone. Thanks for sharing further details.

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