3rd Thursday Challenge for March

This month for the 3rd Thursday Challenge I wanted to work on getting a sharper focus, especially in creating still life images.  It’s really not anything new as far as techniques go.  

What is new about it all for me is that I remembered all the steps!  Being a woman of a certain age —- this is a big deal. 

Much of the time I do use a tripod for still life shots, which I did here, too.  It was sitting on the table pointed straight down.  Using the tripod I find is best for me so I can take advantage of the available light and not use a flash.

And I also used a setting of a two second delay on the shutter, to help prevent camera shake.  

My auto focus has been set to focus where I want, which is the middle point.

And finally, the part I always forgot to do in the past, I remembered to enable mirror lockup on the custom functions of the camera.  

Other than some slight cropping I did no other processing on this photo.  

The other part of this challenge is to then remember to disable mirror lock up, to change the drive mode from 2 second delay to single shot, and check the ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.  Nothing more frustrating that going to take more photos and forgetting to change back to what you need for the current setting.  I know that some of you will relate to that!

As for the egg, I don’t know when she got cracked. It could have been while I was setting things up, but it came at the perfect time.  That little brokenness became my focal point, my test for a good sharp focus.

Brenda has this challenge every month, with the idea that you just need to try something new and share what you did.  Click on the button below to learn more!

9 Replies to “3rd Thursday Challenge for March”

  1. Deb – oh this is a perfect challenge – building on your technical skills to such fine result. I try to avoid the technical side of photography as much as possible but you have shown me (again) why this knowledge is critical to getting the shots that we want. And that most of the time, it isn't that hard – it comes from a willingness to read the manual and to practice until the skills are second nature.

    And I had to smile – we have all been there – shooting with camera settings that have not been reset from the previous outing.

    I love your egg shots (including your header). One of my favorite assignments in my first digital photography class was to shoot eggs. You really gain an appreciation for the beautiful form of an egg when you put in the time to really study it.

    Thanks so much for participating in this month's Third Thursday Challenge!

  2. Deb, this is a nice technical challenge, and one I need to try, too. I don't do still life much, but getting better focus is something I'm working on. There is something fascinating about the simplicity of an egg. I like your composition in this image (and in your header, too) and the crack adds a focal point that really catches my eye.

  3. Oh, Deb, I have such a hard time remembering to readjust my camera settings — ruined so many images by neglecting to check. ….sometimes I just have to go to automatic. It's the season for eggs, and you captured these eggs so well. Great focus!

  4. Once I got really blue shots….after changing my white balance to customize. i don't do that much anymore-lesson learned.
    Love these egg images, both the header and the crack. Focus was dead on with that one.
    I don't know about disabling the mirror-if you have time, can you tell me what that does? I'm curious.

    I have my 3rd Thursday thoughts ready to go, just haven't done the post yet. Hoping to have time this a.m. Seriously? Must work be sucha time suck?
    Happy day to you.

  5. There is something so homey and warm about eggs! Both this image and your header are beautiful. Perfect focus and wonderful composition! The crack is the perfect added touch!

  6. Love this, Deb. And, the header, too! And, I love the feel of spring that comes with fresh eggs..Just what the doctor ordered for this grey day! Happy Third Thursday to you! 🙂

  7. I feel like I need to print out each of the entries to Brenda's Third Thursday Challenge in order to learn as much as possible from them. The techniques, as well as the thought process around each one, is helpful and inspiring. Like the others here, I appreciate the simplicity of the image even though the steps you took to achieve it were anything but simple. And thanks for the reminder to return settings to where they were before–yup, I've been burned by that mistake too!

    Wanda (tidbitsandtreasures2011.wordpress.com)

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