A portrait (Scintilla Project – Day 13)

(Scintilla prompt: Post a photo of yourself from before age 10. Write about what you remember of the day the photo was taken. It may not be a full story…..)

Little flashbacks to that day…

That sweater itched like crazy, even though it was beautiful, handmade by mom.  And it was yellow.  The color of a spring flower…

That couch, that room with the dark paneling.  They called it the sun room because of the wall of windows on the south side that allowed the light of day to fill that space.

The hair, “flipped up” on the ends…made possible by pink sponge curlers worn while I slept.  The headband, worn to keep that hair out of my eyes and face, a style that stayed with me for years.

Had to be a Sunday afternoon or I would not have been dressed up.

Grandpa had to prompt me to smile and for some reason I was shy about it.  

The Scintilla Project

6 Replies to “A portrait (Scintilla Project – Day 13)”

  1. Lovely portrait – with that slight Mona Lisa smile. Although my hair was never that long, I remember well styling my hair in a flip and the spongy pink rollers that were its prerequisite.

  2. A wonderful portrait! I remember those sponge rollers, too. They would squash flat while I slept, so my curls were never quite round and perfect. But they were sure more comfortable to sleep on than the "magnetic" (i.e., smooth hard plastic) ones that came after. 🙂

  3. I love this image. I love how you're looking right at the camera, in the way many adults will not. Itchy sweaters I remember, but my hair was held in place by Dippity-Doo, not headbands.
    And….I suppose any grandfather can bring about a smile.

  4. This is a beautiful portrait — well done Grandpa! You look so serene. And yes, I wore those sponge rollers too as a girl — a few years later it was orange juice cans! Crazy what we'll do for fashion.

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