Hit the rewind button (Scintilla Project)

a nap in the sun
(Scintilla prompt: “Sometimes we wish we could hit the rewind button. Talk about an experience that you would do over if you could.”)

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If I could hit the rewind button on my life and do any part of it over, I’d take the advice of my cat.

1. I’d seek out someone I love and trust and just let them love me, even if they appear to be busy.

2. I’d take more power naps, any time of the day.

3. I’d play a lot more, and put my whole self into the playing.

4. I’d stand up for myself and take better control of my personal space.  Hopefully claws would not be necessary.

5. I’d ponder the world, stare out the window for long periods of time, and improve my skills of observation.  There would be a camera within reach at all times so that I could record what I see. 

6. I’d go back and find that person I love and trust and demand more affection and back scratching, even if they are online and typing a blog post.

7. If all else failed, I’d just get right in that person’s face, purr a lot, and gaze into their eyes until I get what I need.

8. But the main thing is, I’d take more naps.

9. I’d enjoy food more, particularly ice cream.  With chocolate.

10. I’d find every warm sunny spot in the house and make it a place for pondering, and I’d go outside a lot more, sneaking out whenever I can.

11.  I’d eat just what I need and occasionally indulge in a bit of treats.   But I’d leave the critters and rodents to run free.  (Since I’m not really a cat I get to pick and choose here.)

12.  And when life brings on changes that I don’t quite know what to do with, I’d seek the love and reassurance from those I love and trust.

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6 Replies to “Hit the rewind button (Scintilla Project)”

  1. Great response. I want to come back in my next life as a house cat. At times I look at my sweet Princess P and just envy her. Your napping cat photo is perfect example.
    You have some great items on the list and I believe some of them could still be accomplished.
    In my next life, if I'm not a cat I'm going to…
    1. Have all 4 wisdom teeth out at the SAME time rather than one at a time.
    2. Start playing golf when I'm really young.
    3. Go to a state college (it just doesn't matter).
    4. Perhaps I'll be both a musician and a photographer at the same time without having to trade my energy from one to the other mid life.

    Love catching your posts for this Scintialla project.

  2. Beautiful! Whenever anything (absolutely any little thing) threatens, my kitties dart under my bed. I sort of wish I could join them sometimes! I've had these two brothers for over 10 years now since they were a few months old and ONE is finally less skittish around me. He will come sit with me at night once I'm alone. I love that. They are always evolving, just like us. 🙂

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