Mask (Scintilla Project – Day 2)


A Conversation Overheard….

Don’t forget to wear the mask.
Above all else make them believe
that you are
This perfect little person
who never gets angry
who always is agreeable
who believes every word that comes
from those voices in authority
and lives such a happy life
that way.

And when the mask slips off
be sure to put it back carefully
so no one will know
the real truth.
Because they might not like
what they see.

Oh, because we can be
so much more-than-_____
and you just need to do as I say.

Yes, it’s a lot of work to wear
the Mask
but everyone does it, see?

No, I mean all those people
out there.
I’m telling you how it is.
Listen carefully.

A lie?
No, no, no. 
This is just a very important lesson.
You need to pay attention to ME here.

What do you mean?
Yes, of course, I know how old you are.
What difference does that make?

If you take that off
bad things will happen to me you.
They’ll see how you really are
and you won’t be part of my their
fun anymore. 
Do you hear me?
I can not be responsible for what
happens to you
if you insist on removing
that mask.

I can’t believe what I’m seeing!!!!
How can you do this to me yourself???

The Scintilla Project

4 Replies to “Mask (Scintilla Project – Day 2)”

  1. Like a hockey goalie's face mask, a football player's helmet, or a surgeon's mask, masks are sometimes crucial protection. And Gee, how could you protect your secret identity without one? 🙂

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