The Scintilla Project Approaches

I participated in the Scintilla Project last year at about this time and really enjoyed it.  It’s two weeks of writing prompts and a way to connect with others who love to write.  This year it begins on March 13th…my brother Bryan’s birthday!  You can learn more about this project by clicking on the link button below.

The Scintilla Project

Spam…never liked it, never will.

I have decided to put the word verification back in place for a while.  There has been more spam lately than I care to mess with.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but I hope you understand.  I always appreciate your comments.

5 Replies to “The Scintilla Project Approaches”

  1. i suppose spam is one of those things
    we never had to worry with back in the day
    when life seemed simpler
    but not really,
    was it?
    i wouldn't trade blogging
    for all the old simple in the world:)
    thanks for staying connected online,
    (oh, and happy writing to you! may your pen dance:))

  2. Looking forward to your writings with this project. I had a little problem with spam. I was able to stop it with just not allowing anonymous comments, but word verification doesn't bother me. It seems that many bloggers are having to go back to it! I think of it as a puzzle to strengthen my brain; trying to figure out those curly letters!

  3. Oh dear, I hate word verification, but I also hate spam. A lot of people seem to be having trouble with it lately. I'll try to adjust my attitude to be more like Cathy's!

  4. "Spam, spam, spam, spam" ala Monty Python. I've been getting spam too, but at this point it's getting snagged up in the spam-o-catcher. sorry. Spam is NOT fun.
    I thought about the Scintilla project, but I think I need a break from wordy posts. Kat's class was great, but writing heavy. Sometimes a girl just needs to write the nonsense on her mind.
    Hope you enjoy it!!

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